About Us

Education Innovations Inc. is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political
Organization incorporated in the state of New Jersey as per State’s laws governing “Non Profit” (NP) organizations.
Education Innovations Inc. shall be operated consistent with Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3) or the corresponding Section of any future Federal tax code, for Tax exempts Charitable Organization, for Promotion of Education,.

Aims & Objectives Education
Education Innovations Inc. is organized exclusively as a charitable Organization to promote education in developing countries, in non-traditional innovative and cost effective ways to impact speedier measurable economic growth, progress and development.

Need for Innovations
Education is inherently a slow process. Its’ progress in developing countries is slower due to many handicaps and lack of resources. Traditional means of promoting education in developing countries, like building of primary schools, or promotion of programs, like ‘Universal Primary Education’ have very little impact on the progress of education in those countries, their social uplifting or their economic growth. Occasional massive internal or outside assistance have not helped yield any appreciable progress, either. EI would identify issues and problems to the impediment of education promotion, and implement innovative ways, which are cost effective and fast track, to promote education.

Status of Education in Developing countries
Generally, developing countries have low literacy, low standard of education, and lack skilled manpower. A brief analysis of the Status of Education in a developing country, is given in Appendix “A”, highlighting the issues, problems, and impediments to advancement to education. The importance of Education for economic progress of countries is also explained. It is an indication of similar conditions in most other developing countries.